A team of pet lovers

Family Pet Care understands pets are so much more than just pets. Our Australian operated businesses have supported local communities since 1984, offering a range of pet cremation and funeral services that honour lifetimes of unconditional love.

We believe every pet owner deserves the opportunity to say a heartfelt goodbye when the time comes. From premium after-care pet services through to simpler, cost-conscious pet cremation services, we offer caring and supportive options for all.

Family Pet Care are committed to sustainability as well as the mission and values we stand behind. It also gives us the opportunity to proudly reinforce our standing as an Australian-owned business, passionate about supporting our local communities and the families (pets being a huge part of this) who live within them.

Working with Family Pet Care

We’re always looking for pet lovers to join our growing team. If you think you have what we’re looking for, then we’d love to hear from you.

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